Statistically the most vulnerable people live in developing countries.  Globally the rate of girls out of school is stagarring for example Nigeria, Pakistan, and Ethiopia have over 1 million girls out of school collectively.* Child marriage, genital mutilation, period shaming and human trafficking are just a few examples of issues plaguing girls worldwide.

*Source: UNESCO.


An ensemble is a group of artists who perform together. Using the performing arts we believe that girls of the world can come together as a group which surpasses borders and is fueled by the need to create change.  



Thoo Mweh Khee Migrant Learning Center, Northwestern Thailand

The need and want for education is prevalent all over the world.  International Girls Ensemble (IGE) has been lucky enough to partner with an incredible organization determined to help these children get the education they desperately deserve.  The Thoo Mweh Khee Migrant Learning Center was founded in 2002, serving a community of Karen people, a sub-ethnic group originally from Myanmar, forced to leave their homes and cross the border to Thailand, where they now have lived for 30 more years in refugee camps.

For three years IGE has been traveling to Northwestern Thailand to live on campus and work with the children of the Thoo Mweh Khee community.  Facilitating drama classes in English during the day and teaching our Female Empowerment workshops in the evenings. We have forged relationships with this community that have become unbreakable, we have seen growth within individual members of our workshops as well as the community as a whole.

This year we partnered with ISpeak Media in Chicago, Illinois and did a joint program with girls of inner city Chicago.  Having the opportunity to have the girls meet via satellite allowed us to breakdown the perceived barriers revealing how similar we all are, and further strengthening our group of future female leaders.