Our Partnerships


St. Mark The Evangelist School: Harlem NY

We have had the great pleasure of working with the Girls at St Mark the Evangelist school for three years now. With some returning students as well as new faces we learn about different issues affecting women worldwide and create an original piece of theatre that culminates in a community share. They have created their own props, written their own poetry, put together care packages and learned how to present their stories to a group of people. We look forward to another wonderful year with these young leaders!

ESCHS- Lower East Side, Manhattan, NY

The expressive and creative girls at ESCHS Middle School are very impressive individuals. These young people were capable of invigorating conversations about equality, women’s roles at home and in society, future goals and injustices that we all face as women. Our culminating performance was an original play that examined gender stereotypes and double-standards.

PS 54: Bronx, NY

We had the pleasure of working with a wonderful group of caretakers and guardians at PS 54 in The Bronx. All of these women have children who attend the school. We focused on creating gender equity at home, in school and the workplace. We also explored the balance of motherhood and personal goal setting.

MS 391: Bronx, NY

The girls of MS 391 in the Bronx, NY have been working together for several years and have welcomed us into their “Girls Group”. We have begun to discuss inner vs outer beauty and what our future goals for ourselves are. Not only what our goals are, but how we plan to achieve them. We are so excited to be back with them in the fall to continue the writing phase of our partnership, working towards our community share of personal stories.